eGramServe is a rural BPO operating in the hill district of Tehri  Garhwal of the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand in north India. We employ the local youth of this hilly & remote area to provide back-office and technology-based services to our enterprise clients in India and abroad.

The tough terrain of hilly states like Uttarakhand renders most of the region unviable for industrial or agricultural activities. The youth here thus have no other option but to out-migrate to larger towns to find employment and leave behind their families. This cycle has been reinforced even more now with catastrophies like the Himalayan Tsunami hitting this region more frequently than a decade earlier and rendering it further useless for any productive economic activity. Also the reckless damming of the rivers and massive hydro-projects, that benefit only large metropolises and further take-away from the hill people, have increased the miseries of the populace that choose to stay back in these beautiful hills that they call home.

eGramServe is a small way is trying to reverse this by creating high-quality IT-based jobs for the youth in this region as these jobs can be done even in from remote locations as long as there is Internet connectivity and trained manpower. We hope that if our efforts can give the educated youth of this region a reason to stay back, their vibrancy will lend a strong voice to this oft-ignored populace and keep these hills from getting ruined further.