Repurpose your content to digital formats quickly, accurately and cost effectively

Content Conversion & Digitization Services
For Publishers, News agencies & University Presses

As more & more people get used to accessing information via digital devices, publishers need to keep with the challenge for making their content available across various popular formats and platforms and ensure that the content is readily accessible and easily searchable. With our content conversion and digitization services publishers can reach new markets and generate new revenue streams intensifying engagement for users across multiple devices and platforms, including tablets and mobiles.
eGramServe’s Digital Publishing team has a truly flexible and cutting-edge approach to Content Conversion and can help you convert legacy content into new digital formats.  With some of the top team members having more than ten years of experience in content management and production services, the team’s knowledge and expertise can help you deliver high quality new or repurposed content in multiple formats.

For data extraction, we use an optimal mix of OCR, automated data capture and double-key data entry to achieve accuracy rates as high as 99.995%. Post the extraction we meta-tag the data according to the publisher specific Schema and validate it with the given DTD. We can convert legacy content from any source, including scanned books, photos, forms, periodicals, and image files and deliver the output files in formats like XML, HTML, PDF, ePub, Pagemaker and inDesign