Leverage Hindi language content to reach out to India’s heartland

Hindi Content Development Services
For News, Travel & Shopping Websites

The high penetration of mobile phones and increasing social media usage by the people in non-metropolitan areas of India is driving up demand for regional language content. Most major search engines have started offering search capabilities in Indian regional languages. Also with graphic exposure to urban way of life due to digital media and advertising, folks in the hinterland too want to emulate the urbanite lifestyle of shopping, travel and entertainment.

Travel portals, FMCG companies, retailers and fashion brands increasingly want to engage with the youth and mid-aged population in the hinterland, and the best way to do it is by speaking the same vernacular. In North India, Hindi is the popular and common language across more than ten states. And the phenomenon of accessing regional content is not restricted to rural India. Almost 60% of users in urban India access online content in Hindi, followed by Tamil and Marathi.

eGramServe draws all its employees from the hinterland and our people are very well versed in both spoken and written Hind. Infact they are surely better that the youth of the metro cities when it comes to command over the written language as they have been exposed to Hindi alone as medium of instruction right though college (grad school). We are increasingly being engaged by websites, shopping portals, mobile app makers to develop Hindi language content or translate English to Hindi for their audiences in North India. Though our long association with a leading Hindi search engine, we have developed an expertise in travel and lifestyle content in Hindi.